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A Letter from Chris & Brandi

Hello from East Texas! We’re a happily blended family and we own a preschool together. Our work gives us flexibility and time for traveling, fun on the lake, the boys’ sporting events, and church. We’re both able to be at-home parents and look forward to raising a child together! Our family is excited and ready to adopt a boy or girl of any racial background. We’d love to get to know you and the hopes you have for your baby’s future, and welcome an open adoption, if you’d like that.

Our Story

According to Brandi: We have known each other since we were about 5 years old! Chris lived next to my cousin and they were best friends. We played together as kids, and years later we came together again, this time to become a family. We’ve been married about 9 years and adoption has been on our hearts for a while. We look forward to growing our family this way!

Together we enjoy:
• Sports
• Lake life: swimming, fishing, jet skiing, boating, paddle boarding, tubing, & more!
• Traveling around the U.S.
• Watching baseball, football, and basketball

About Brandi

Brandi is deeply caring, witty and funny, and so patient. She always gets us to experience new paces and try new things. Before we started the preschool, Brandi worked as a social worker helping children. Now she enjoys homeschooling our boys and looks forward to being a stay-at-home mom with the baby we adopt.

Brandi loves:
• Getting her nails and hair done
• Reading on the back porch
• Walking or jogging with the dogs

About Chris

Chris is steady and keeps our family grounded; he is very loving, honest, and gives the best hugs. He’s a great dad and so fun! Chris loves to get in on the action and will often be found on the jet skis or fishing boat, right alongside our boys.

Chris loves:
Anything outdoors and everything lake living offers
Fixing just about anything (he’s technically gifted!)

Our Family

Our Children: Together we have 3 children. Our daughter, Paige, is grown and out on her own, and at home we have Colton, 17, and Caden, 14. Adoption is very special to us already, because Brandi legally adopted Chris’ son, Caden, after his biological mother passed away. Colton, is so loving, to people and animals, and has been a kind and loving big brother too. Caden always has a smile on his face, is kind, and good hearted. Our kids are excited to welcome a new sibling!

Extended Family: The blessing of a blended family is extra grandparents and aunts and uncles! Our parents visit often, and the family stays very close, even sharing vacations and day trips together. We each have one sister, and together we have 3 nephews, 2 nieces, and a lot of cousins! Our families are very supportive of our plans to adopt and can’t wait to welcome another child to the mix.

Our Home in Texas

Our house has 4 bedrooms and is on 2 lakefront acres in East Texas, in a small gated community. We live just outside of the city and enjoy country living, with easy access to shopping and anything we’d need or want to do. We’re working on a nursery for our future child, with homemade touches from Mamaw.

Our Promise

We promise to raise your child in a Christian, loving environment, where he or she will grow up with the care and support to become the man or woman they are meant to be. We promise to be patient, honest, and available to all of our children, so they know they can come to us for anything. We value education and will encourage your child to try their best. We promise to raise your child in healthy community, with a loving church and family to support them. We will provide opportunities for your child to pursue sports or talents, to see new places, and to grow in his or her strengths and interests. Your child will know how truly loved and embraced he or she is as a part of our family.

We want you to know that we have already been praying for you and your child. If you’d like, we will honor an open adoption and share updates or annual visits. We will always be open about how we came together through adoption. You will be a very special part of our family’s story!

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Thoughtfully, Chris & Brandi

Learn More About Chris & Brandi

  Chris Brandi
Our EducationVocationalSome College
Our ProfessionsPreschool OwnerPreschool Owner
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Chris & Brandi's Favorites
ColorMidnight bluePink
Bible Verse2 Timothy 1:91 Corinthians 16:14
MovieThe Greatest ShowmanThe Greatest Showman
Song"My Feet Are On The Rock" by I Am They"Lead Me" by Sanctus Real
TV ShowBlue BloodsThe Chosen
More About Our Family
Our Values

Our faith and family are most important to us. We’re very involved in our church, attending service or Bible studies at least twice a week, and our sons are active in the youth group as well. We feel blessed to own a Christian preschool that allows us to provide for our family and serve our community. We’re actually planning to open a few more around Texas one day.

Fun Facts

Brandi is a very girly-girl and enjoys all things girly or sparkly!
Chris enjoys cooking! He recently entered a smoked rib cook-off at our church.

Our Pets

We have 3 dogs; 1 Dachshund, Leia, and 2 German Shepherds, Archer and Izzy, who are sweet, loyal, and calm. We also have 2 cats; Tank is a spunky, sweet long-hair, and Phoebe is a loving and snuggly short-hair.

Favorite Tradition

Vacations! We go on vacations together at least once a year. Everyone has a great time!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 4 years old




Either boy or girl

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 4 years old

In Closing

Thank you for considering our family! We would love to get to know you and learn what you picture for your child's future. If you'd like, we welcome an open adoption and ongoing contact with you. Adopting a child to raise together would be an incredible blessing and joy for us. We are excited to grow our family this way! We'd be happy to talk with you or answer any questions as you decide what you want to do. Contact Lifetime to ask about us!

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